Colombia - Amagá, Antioquia - Finca El Camilo

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Farm / Origin Finca El Camilo
San José, Amagá, Southwestern Antioquia
Processing Wet (Washed)
Varietal Arabica Castillo Rosario
Elevation 1800-1900 masl
Notes red fruit, berries, citric lemon, juicy, bright acidity, sweet
honey, panela
Fair Trade or Better yes; Farm direct relationship

John Jairo Rojas' first farm was given to him by his father when he was 15 years old in 1982. He planted 500 trees and since then started his career as a coffee producer, taking care of everything himself and basing every decision on all of the knowledge his father had passed to him. In 1993 John married Sonia Granados, and together they grew their farm to 4,000 trees in 1998 and then 7,000 more a few years later. In 1995 they had their first child, Camilo, and in 1999 they had a daughter, Ana Maria.

Today the Rojas Granados family has a plantation of 18,000 trees at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level. Thanks to all the years of experience and the advantage of having healthy and rich soil, John has gotten to produce an excellent complex coffee with cupping notes of red fruits, citric lemon grass and smooth dark chocolate that gives a unique clean cup.