To us, sustainability means choosing earth-friendly products and practices all along our supply chain, from farm practices to packaging and delivery.

Our coffee comes from farms employing sustainable practices. At Paisa, for example, they are giving an additional 5 cents back for each pound of coffee sold to purchase fertilizers.

The cups, lids, and coffee bags we purchase are biodegradable. The lids are compostable. We use stamps to label our bags instead of using adhesive plastic labels. Our next purchase of shipping tape will be biodegradable. We strive to pursue environmentally-friendly practices in all the details.

Sustainable also means paying farmers what it actually costs to produce, which is more than what it trades for on the commodities market. Currently we work with Paisa, a direct farm relationship, and Sweet Maria's. Sweet Maria's Farm Gate program guarantees that prices are 50% over Fair Trade (FT) pricing, but often they are 100%+ more than FT minimums.