Coffee Shrub's Farm Gate

Our friends at Coffee Shrub (the wholesale branch of Sweet Maria's) do a great job ensuring the coffee beans they buy are at sustainable prices. Meaning they guarantee that Farm Gate prices are 50% over Fair Trade (FT) pricing, but often they are 100%+ more than FT minimums.

"Farm Gate Coffee is the name we give to our direct trade coffee buying program. Farm Gate pricing means that we have negotiated a price directly with the farmer "at the farm gate," that is, without any of the confusing export and import fees. The prices we pay for our coffees are above Fair Trade minimums, and with our Farm Gate coffees we can easily verify that the good price we pay makes it to the people who do the work, and are responsible for the great cup quality of our coffee. Farm Gate is a simple principle that allows coffee producers to make premium prices in reward for coffee quality, and to reinvest to improve quality even more in the future." - Sweet Maria's Farm Gate

Farm Gate Coffee™