When Has a Charity Helped You or Someone You Love?

What makes us an especially *special* Specialty Coffee roaster? Simply, we give back. A lot. We do this coffee roasting thing for the love of the coffee, of course, but we’re also in it for what we can give back to the community through this vehicle. Not-for-profits* are stop-gaps and life-savers for many a person in a tight spot or in need. We have been in those tight spots ourselves so we understand the very real needs these organizations meet and so we want to “Pay it Forward”.


For example, a long time ago, Shawna was a teenager who needed the services of Planned Parenthood when she felt she had no other options. Eventually her parents supported her, but initially she felt very alone and this organization was a respite. Today Planned Parenthood helps millions of women worldwide. 


More recently, Eve engaged TransLAW to help her change her name and gender on her birth certificate and driver’s license. TransLAW provides these services for free. Transitioning gender is a sensitive matter; organizations like these are priceless to a transgender person. GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) and Lambda Legal are two other organizations we support that provide legal services.


Today, Eve still goes to the Whitman Walker clinic for health services. They are extremely welcoming and invaluable to transgender people. Did you know that they provide a spectrum of services including dental, behavioral health, legal and youth services? 


Drink coffee with us and give back with us, for all of us.


May the 4th Be With You

*Shawna was corrected by a professor in grad school every time she said ‘non-profit’. It was important to him that we recognize that 501c(3) organizations *do* make money, they just use it differently.